Nobody wants to live in a dump where no one cares enough about their hometown to bother properly recycling their Worthington pump parts when they're finished with them. Unfortunately, if no one takes the first step, the neighborhood can't follow. That's why a group of concerned citizens have come forward to form the Tucson Clean and Beautiful organization. They're a non-profit group, not controlled by the city, so they rely on the action of ordinary citizens to achieve their aims. Read more about them here.

Tucson Clean and Beautiful has several goals: the first is to preserve the environment, the second is to improve the quality of life, and the third is to conserve natural resources. If you're concerned about the issues and you're looking to meet like-minded people who are concerned about the damage caused by industrial vehicles, this is a great group to join. If you're new in town, it can help you make friends, and if you're applying to college or for a job, it will look great on your resume.

This is a group dedicated to the environment, not to exploiting gold bullion prices, so all of their programs are run by volunteers. Some of the initiatives they have going right now are the Adopt-a-Park program, where local communities pledge to clean up their adopted parks, focusing on litter. You can volunteer to help on a cleanup day or you can use their litter hotline 1-877-3-LITTER, to report people who have littered or engaged in illegal dumping from their cars on public land. Tucson Clean and Beautiful also has a hand in the Children's Memorial Park, which contains a playground and a memorial to local children who have died, and in a number of tree-planting initiatives all over the city.

As well as cleaning up litter, Tucson Clean and Beautiful also runs education programs to help people understand the importance of conservation. Hot Topics, Cool Solutions is a series of workshops and expositions that teach casepackers and other local residents about how to stay cool in a sustainable way. There's also the recycling education program for grade school children that involves putting on a play called E Pluribus Recycles. It's co-sponsored by the City of Tucson and Pima County.

To support the efforts of Tucson Clean and Beautiful, you can help by volunteering with the organization, by not using harmful industrial water treatment chemicals, or by donating. You can also patronize some of the local stores who have agreed to donate a portion of their profits to the cause. They include Albertson's grocery stores, Basha's Shop & Give, GoodSearch. All you have to do is sign up for the program. You don't have to pay any extra.

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